Mexico’s First Non-Binary Magistrate Found Dead

Jesus Ociel Baena, who was Mexico’s first non-binary magistrate, was found dead in Aguascalientes with another person. People are trying to find out what happened, and some are worried because Baena got mean messages and threats.

Discovery of the Bodies

Jesus Ociel Baena found dead in a city in Mexico. Another person, said to be Baena’s partner, found with them.

Not Clear What Happened

The people in charge aren’t sure if someone hurt them or if it an accident. They didn’t see any sign of someone else coming into the place where they were found.

What They Found and Investigation

They found a sharp thing and think it might be about something personal. The police are looking into what happened.

Asking for a Good Investigation

A group that supports LGBTQ people wants the police to look into it really well and not be unfair. Baena got mean messages and threats because they were non-binary.

Standing Up for Non-Binary People

Baena was the first non-binary magistrate in Mexico and worked hard for non-binary rights. They wanted everyone to know that they were not a man or a woman but something else.

Remembering Baena

Other people who care about the same things Baena did had a special time to remember them in Mexico City. They said they will keep doing the things Baena cared about.

Tributes and Sadness

A big judge in Mexico said he was really sad about Baena’s death. He said Baena did a lot for LGBTQ+ rights and their voice was important.

The death of Jesus Ociel Baena, who was a leader for non-binary people in Mexico, has made a lot of people sad and worried. People are hoping the police will figure out what happened and make things right. Baena’s work for non-binary rights won’t be forgotten.

Remembering Jesus Ociel Baena

Jesus Ociel Baena role as the first non-binary magistrate in Mexico was groundbreaking. They stood up for non-binary rights, showing everyone that it’s okay to be different and that everyone deserves respect, no matter their gender.

Baena faced challenges because some people didn’t understand or accept their non-binary identity. They received mean messages and threats, which made things harder. But Baena never stopped fighting for what they believed in—equality and fairness for all.

Their death has left many people feeling sad and worried. It’s a reminder that even though things are getting better for non-binary people, there’s still a long way to go. Baena’s work was important, and their legacy will continue to inspire others to stand up for what’s right.

The vigil held in Mexico City was a way for people who cared about the same things Baena did to come together. They shared memories and promised to keep fighting for the things Baena cared about.

This sad event has reminded everyone that it’s essential to treat everyone with kindness and respect, no matter how they identify. It’s a time to remember Baena’s bravery and dedication and to continue their important work for equality.