The Icy Surge: Ice Sales Soar Amidst Sweltering Heat

the icy surge

Ice Boom at the Corner Store

Nurhayati, the 38-year-old owner of a corner store in Bekasi, spills the beans on a cool business trend – her ice sales have shot up by a whopping 50% in the past few days.

Nurhayati reveals that she’s been doubling her sales since the dry season hit. “I used to average selling 10–15 packs daily. The average daily consumption has increased by 50%, from 15 to 30 packs.” she says.

According to Nurhayati, those 30 packs can vanish within a day, and customers seem to keep streaming in. During this dry season, many buyers have opted for pre-orders to secure their ice fix.

“People have started placing orders in advance, telling me the quantity they want. That never happened before; I used to make just 10 packs,” she adds.

With orders pouring in, Nurhayati works on making ice using tap water at night so it’s ready for sale by the next morning.

Feeling the Burn: Extreme Heat Spurs Ice Frenzy

As a seller, Nurhayati herself feels the extreme heat lately, even in the early mornings. She suspects the spike in ice sales is a direct result of the scorching weather in Bekasi.

“I feel the heat big time. It’s sweltering even in the morning. If it’s that hot indoors, imagine what it’s like outside. That’s probably why people are buying it to mix into their cold drinks,” she says.

For context, a “excessive heat” advisory has been issued for Bekasi. The temperature in Bekasi on this Tuesday morning reached 32 degrees Celsius, feeling more like 37 degrees Celsius.

The mercury is expected to keep rising until around noon, hitting its peak at 38 degrees Celsius. Residents are advised against wearing short clothes due to the risk of sunburn, especially when out and about.

Moreover, folks are encouraged to wear head protection like hats to shield themselves from direct sunlight exposure.

The Cool Savior

As the heatwave tightens its grip on Bekasi, Nurhayati’s ice business is thriving. And then, customers are clamoring for the chill relief, turning cubes into the unsung heroes of the scorching season. Nurhayati, diligently crafting ice to meet the demand, is unknowingly becoming the cool savior for Bekasi residents battling the heatwave blues.